1.- Specifications

Firstly, we draft the project’s specifications in detail, based on the information provided by the client and our ideas which are fruit of our experience. The resulting document, which is approved by the client, is the base for carrying out the project.

2.- Schemes

We project the installations and outline the schemes for the approval of the client before proceeding to build the electrical cabinet and installations.

3.- Constructing the electrical connections boxes and installations

We demand quality from the specialised companies that we entrust this work to. We are very careful that the different electrical equipment and cables are well identified according to the schemes.

4.- Programming

Our highest priority is that the programs and configurations are easily understandable. This is why we put a lot of emphasis on structuring them clearly and documenting them well.

5.- Testing our installations

Before they are set up on the client’s property we test our installations, the programs, the configurations and the electrical connections boxes.

6.- Installation Tests

We carry out an exhaustive test of the electrical signals, communication lines and networks and the correct functioning of the field equipment.

7.- Final tests

Once everything has been tested separately step by step we do the final test of the whole system as well as the tests that couldn’t be done before.

8.- Process tests

Assured that everything is functioning correctly we carry out the process tests and modify whatever is necessary to obtain the results needed by the client.

9.- Training

We teach the staff to work with and use the system that has been installed.

10.- Documentation

A CD-ROM with the updated documentation is supplied as well as a copy on paper. A copy of the programs and configurations that have been carried out is also provided.

11.- Maintenance

We respond rapidly to resolve any problem that the client may have with the installations.